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 Ron Johnston 

PhD Biogeography & Landscape Ecology of  upland heather moorland and industrially derelict land.

BSc Ecology /  Environmental Biology

Fellow Royal Geographical Society

Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy / Advance HE

Environmental Education 

Education for Sustainable Development

Ecosystem and Landscape Studies.

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 Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science and Sustainability Education on undergraduate and post-graduate programmes with University of South Wales (2002 - 2016)

Sustainability science consultant with UNESCO MGIEP (2016-2018). 


Forthcoming publication:

Communicating Sustainability: Science Literacy and Transformative Pedagogies.

In : Communicating a World-in-Crisis

Peter Lang Publishing: Due Summer 2024



Current and new work focusses on the collateral damage and eco-grief associated with dislocated ecologies in the wake of human conflict :


 Landscapes of Memory: Forgotten Casualties of Conflict.  Expected early 2025.

Overview of the site
Education for Sustainability (a more useful term than education for sustainable development) reaches beyond the anthropogenic impacts on 'natural environments' and should embrace a complex network  of  socio-scientific, socio-economic issues. These are discussed further in the "ESD" and the publications" sections of this site. The science chapter of the UNESCO publication: Textbooks for sustainable development- a Guide to Embedding (2016-2019 ), for which I was lead author, takes this into the realms of formal education (available on my publications tab above and elsewhere on this site)Subsequently, I was part of the team developing the concepts underpinning this work and supporting their implementation in curriculum reform embedding ESD internationally  - most notably in Sikkim in Himalayan India - where embedded ESD at all levels is applied as a major element of formal education for addressing sustainability issues.  
My other (related) activities are in the field of ecosystem studies. These concentrate on upland heather moorland , industrially derelict landscapes   and  landscapes of conflict . Perhaps surprisingly, these ecosystems have many attributes in common. 

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